A Whole Foods Shopper

I peered into the bathroom mirror and touched a rough and peeling cheek. I could see baby pink skin underneath. Another four days of hiding inside and I would emerge, reborn, as my best self. That’s what the brochure said next to a picture of a butterfly breaking out of a cocoon. A new me for $250.00. I’d saved for nearly a year, but it would be worth it. I walked the ten steps back into the living room. I didn’t even have to think before sticking Pretty Woman into the VCR. It was my favorite movie. I plopped myself onto the couch.

Out of popcorn and not allowed to pick at my face, I picked at the long scabs on my wrists instead. The opening party scene played out while I daydreamed about my re-entry into Whole Foods. I might not have managed to lose any weight, but I would have a new face to show off. Screw all those rich women too busy buying imported Marcona almonds and stage 4 steaks to spare me a glance. I was about to fit in, to become visible, to be worthy of being a Whole Foods shopper. Julia Roberts was bending down to talk to Richard Gere through the window of the Lotus. I loved this part, but a loud banging on the metal screen door ruined it.

“Marcia! Turn off that movie and open the door!” It was Lula from the trailer next door. I pressed pause. “Guess what I gottcha at Goodwill!” She scraped the paper bag across the screen. I levered myself out of the saggy part of the couch and made my way to the door, stepping over the soft spot of the floor. “Hurry up, it’s Ann Taylor! “It’ll be perfect for Whole Foods!”



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