“Monica! Lunch!”

I ran up the hill to the house with my empty bucket, not looking back. I didn’t want to see a silver arm rise from the pond. My mother was outside watering the tomatoes. Seeing my muddy feet, she screamed.

“You went near the water?” She slapped at…

“You ate all the pizza?” My father’s face creased in on itself.

“There were only two slices left. Order another one.” He looked hurt but made no move towards the phone.

“Okay, fine. I’ll order another one and you can have it fresh and hot.” He brightened instantly at the…

A Whole Foods Shopper

I peered into the bathroom mirror and touched a rough and peeling cheek. I could see baby pink skin underneath. Another four days of hiding inside and I would emerge, reborn, as my best self. That’s what the brochure said next to a picture of a…

My father in law, Jamie, wasn’t allowed in the Ship & Shape anymore, even though he had been legally absolved of shooting me. A sympathetic judge had deemed the attack an “accidental” discharge of a firearm. I peered outside as I wiped down tables left-handed. No Jamie in sight. Even…

Claudia Brooke

Make, write, paint, play music, read, eat, sleep, repeat.

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